Leading By Example

Our Local is a for-profit humanitarian initiative interested in the economic, social, and environmental benefit of society.


Our Local focuses on developing and scaling systemic changes through localized economic and social empowerment; incubating and accelerating ideas, inventions, organizations, and redeveloping communities.

Eastland Mall Redevelopment

Eastland Mall Redevelopment


WHAT: Supported the launch of a grass-roots, community oriented, redevelopment initiative targeting the Eastland Mall site in Charlotte, NC.

HOW: Our Local provided consulting and community organization services, film documentation, and financial support; bringing together government organizations, business owners, community residents, and interest groups.  Working in partnership with the Latin American Economic Development Corporation, Pritzker Prize winner, Alejandro Aravena was brought to Charlotte to work with community stakeholders to find a good workable solution to revitalizing the distressed property and surrounding community.

GOALS: Phase I

~ Garner support from stakeholders.
~ Develop a socially oriented, problem solving, economically viable, community informed and supported vision for the site.
~ Provoke investment interest, involvement, and future action.

RESULT:  Mission accomplished for Phase I

East Corridor Redevelopment

East Corridor Redevelopment


WHAT: To redevelop and recycle a depressed and crumbling property asset into a productive and meaningful community asset.

HOW: Currently, Our Local is reaching out to its partners, surrounding residents, and relevant stakeholders to gain valuable input on how to best transform a decayed property into something that would be desirable and economically viable.

~ To improve the property by using an attractive, sustainable, and socially responsible business model.
~ To promote and otherwise physically manifest the vision of Our Local.

RESULTS TO DATE:  A target property is now under contract and community outreach has started.

100 Gardens

100 Gardens


WHAT:  Growing and promoting the mission of 100 Gardens:  To use aquaponics as an platform for experimental learning and sustainable means of food production for the future.

HOW:  Currently, Our Local is providing guidance, staff resources, and connection to meaningful partners along with other necessary resources that align with Our Local’s mission.

     ~To grow 100 Gardens as an organization and expand it’s impact, reach, and abilities.

RESULTS TO DATE:  100 Gardens is developing new meaningful partnerships, connections, and other valuable resources that will allow the organization to accelerate its evolution and fuel its growth.

AquaTree, LLC

AquaTree, LLC


WHAT:  Incubating and accelerating an organization that is bringing an innovative consumer oriented aquaponics product to market.

HOW:  Our Local is providing structure, guidance, staff, connection to meaningful partners, and funding along with other necessary resources that align with Our Local’s mission.

~ Accelerate market entry.
~ Enable business growth and market acceptance and adoption.
~ Promote awareness and re-connection to chemical-free, fresh foods, and nutrition.
~ Promote education and awareness of sustainable, water-efficient, food production methods.

RESULTS TO DATE:  The AquaTree product is entering its final design phase ahead of it’s market debut on KickStarter -years ahead of its original trajectory.  AquaTree is developing numerous partnerships that recognize the product’s ability to educate people about sustainable, water-efficient, food production methods and promote nutritional awareness while connecting people to nutritious chemical-free food.


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